ProtoSphere Features & Benefits

ProtoSphere software brings people, places and data together in an engaging and stimulating virtual world, in which users are represented by avatars.

People from all around the world can meet instantly and cost-effectively to share information, learn, communicate and experience. This can result in huge savings in travel time and associated costs, and dramatically improve levels of international collaboration.

Compared with uninspiring video and audio conferences, Protosphere offers customizable locations, as well as the ability to engage with people using a wide range of methods of communication, rather than just speech and facial expressions.

ProtoSphere offers a fresh and affordable way of connecting with people, in surroundings that can range from the deck of an oil tanker, to a medical laboratory. As the market leader in immersive environments, ProtoSphere is paving the way for the future of virtual world technology.


Benefits Compared with Audio and Video Conferencing

Features Audio Conferencing Video Conferencing ProtoSphere
Ability to customize environments No No Yes
Breakout room facility No No Yes
Presence information displayed No No Yes
Contact information displayed No No Yes
Private group discussion zones No No Yes
Desktop and application sharing No No Yes


What can ProtoSphere be used for?


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