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Attention and Engagement

Attention and Engagement of Remote Team Members in
Collaborative Multimedia Environments

BP Online Collaboration

BP Improves Online Collaboration,
Reduces Costs With Protosphere

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Process Knowledge

Standard Business Processes exist in every area of every Enterprise. Strategic in their nature while touching every employee, partner and contractor, the success and effectiveness of any Standard Business Processes is dependent upon....

Virtual Immersive Environments Face Challenges in Learning

The life sciences industry is in a state of constant change. These changes
include mergers and acquisitions (M&A), development of strategic
partnerships, demand to bring products to market faster...

Univeristy of Penn White Paper on 3D Environments

Using 3D Immersive Technologies for
Organizational Development and Collaboration

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Key Opinion Leader


Key Opinion Leader Use Case

ProtoSphere Poster Session

Top Five Global Pharmaceutical Company
Conducts Industry’s First Virtual Poster Session
In ProtoSphere

Virtual Collaboration for the High-Performance Workplace

Partnership combines Kaplan’s online compliance and knowledge solutions with
ProtonMedia’s leading 3-D virtual collaboration environment, ProtoSphere, to
help life sciences companies

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